Top Nine Most Common Joint Pains

Top Nine Most Common Joint Pains

Joints are when two bones join together. There are several different types of joints. The knee joint is far different than the shoulder joint.

Joint pain is one of the top complaints seen by medical professionals. Why? Because it affects all of us and typically our joint pain worsens over time. 

Think about your day. What joints are causing you problems today?

The back is often misunderstood when it comes to joints. Each level of your spine functions as a three-joint complex. 

Here is the order of the Nine most common joint pains. (In order):

1.)  Back/Neck

2.)  Knees

2.)  Fingers

3.)  Shoulders

4.)  Hips

5.)  Ankles

6.)  Wrists

7.)  Elbow

8.)  Jaw

9.)  Toes

What do you think?  Do you have joint pains that didn't make the list?  Do you feel that maybe there should be a different order?

Let us know.

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